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  • Under new management the Maintance Team is awesome. They work hard to get what we need to fix quick. Sometimes i have put in orders and they like 20 mins later. Thank you Alejandro for your work. Also the Office staff is very friendly and the DO LISTEN TO YOUR XONCERNS
  • So far, so good. Since moving in it has been a great experience. With the portal system it is easy to pay and log issues. Any issues have been addressed quickly with us. Cassidy has been very good at communicating if anything is needed. From someone who owned their home for the last 16 years, this has been a great place to live.
  • Very polite. and respectful
  • Since ZRS took over this property they have really transformed this community. Pinnacle rented to lowlifes ,and Drug dealers without any concern for the residents wellbeing or safety. Pinnacle management was also very unprofessional towards staff ,and residents alike . ALL THAT IS GONE THANKS TO ZRS. Everyone is professional, any needs are addressed , Maintence is done correctly by the maintenance staff. New pool furniture, clean sidewalks, and criminal behavior is NOT tolerated. Terri, Cassidy, and Natalie are fantastic very understanding to resident needs. During any Tropical storm warning they printed up 6-8 pages of information in case of an evacuation. Love this place so much better in 3 months. I can finally recommend this place to people!!!!